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Over 400,000 sqft in-stock & ready to go today - Kentucky Tile Closeouts - home - basement - office - showroom - kitchen - batchroom - mancave

Homegrown Burgers & sandwiches

All of our sandwiches come with a Green Salad, Potato Salad or Fries - also Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Mayo, if you want it - and a Pickle. We have Swiss, Danish Havarti, Cheddar & Provolone.

The Buffalo Burger - 1/3 pound organically-raised free-range buffalo, charbroiled to your heart's desire. Additions are the same as above.

Our Own Boogle Burger- 100% homemade veggie burger, Totally unique and totally vegan.

Roast Turkey Club - with bacon, cheddar, Black Forest Ham, onions, lettuce, tomato on our fresh focaccia bread.

Grilled Chicken and Avocado - seasonally, when available, with bacon, lettuce, tomato & pepper jack cheese on a grilled French roll.

Tuscan Veggie Melt - Portabella mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, fresh spinach and provolone on a toasted demi-baguette.

The Mighty Homeburger - 1/3 pound of charbroiled Black Angus on a toasted sesame seed bun. Comes with all the usual suspects.

The Homegrown Rueben - 1/3 pound Cariani Corned Beef with Swiss, Kraut and 1000 Island dressing on grilled rye (no caraway seeds).

Roast Turkey Rueben - same as above but with, uh, you know, Roast Turkey.

BBQ Pork Sandwich - slow-roasted puerco with onions and BBQ sauce.

The Tofu Rueben - Yes, that's right, tofu - fresh, marinated, organic tofu made right here, on the Island. It makes a dang good Vegetarian Rueben, so there.

The Tuna Melt - with Swiss on whole wheat.

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato - double-smoked bacon, lettuce & tomato.

Roast Turkey & Cheese - thinly-sliced, lean turkey breast with your choice of cheese.

Black Forest Ham and Cheese - thinly-sliced, 97% lean ham. And cheese.

Tuna Salad - yes.

Chicken Salad - We make it ourselves with onion, celery, carrots & mayo.

Three Cheese - with Provolone, Cheddar and Swiss.

with Cheddar, Swiss, Havarti or Provolone add .50
with double-smoked bacon add .75
with grilled onions & Swiss add 1.00
with grilled mushrooms add .75
Burgers are cooked medium unless otherwise specified.
ALLERGY WARNING: Our kitchen uses peanut & soy oil. Some foods may contain nuts.

Fresh Alaskan Halibut & Chips
- We hand-cut & lightly-dip fresh halibut with egg, Mudshark Porter & Japanese panko flake for this Homegrown favorite.

Homegrown Salads
We make all of our salad dressings from scratch, from really good basic ingredients:
Balsamic vinaigrette, Lemon Tahini, Greek Oregano, Lemon Garlic Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigre

Basic House - with mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, sesame seeds & red onion.

Large House - The Basic House, but bigger.

Fancy House - The large house, but with broccoli, zucchini, more cucumber & bell pepper.

The Greek - Fresh greens with cucumbers, pepperoncini, Bulgarian sheep feta, Kalamata olives, red onion & Greek Oregano dressing.

Caesar - A respectable version of the traditional favorite. With roast chicken - add 1.25

The Tuna Salad Salad - On a bed of fresh greens with carrots, cucumber & red onion.

The Chicken Salad Salad - Yep, our Chicken Salad on a fresh bed of greens.

Cobb Salad - Fresh greens, roasted chicken, Black Forest Ham, Havarti, Cheddar, carrot, cucumber, hard-boiled egg, tomato and bacon bits.

Sweet Asian Chicken Salad - Roast chicken breast on a fresh bed of greens with carrot, cucumber, crisp wontons, sesame seed and our very low-fat sweet Asian dressing.

Soup of the Day: Cup $3.25 Bowl $4.50 Check the blackboard for our fresh soup selections.

Stir frys

Fresh broccoli, zucchini, carrot, snow peas, mushrooms, bell pepper & onion with crisp, organic tofu, chicken or prawns. Our homemade sauces are from scratch and 100% vegan. Served with Basmati rice.

with chicken add 1.25 - with prawns add 3.00

Coconut Curry - spicy curry with a soft, coconut base *spicy!

Peanut Curry - spicy curry with a soft, coconut base *spicy!

Sweet Thai - tart, sweet Thai sauce with no chilies.

Garlic Black Bean - Robust Asian black bean sauce with fresh ginger & garlic. *Spicy!

Quesadillas & Burritos

The Veggie - Bell pepper, carrot, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms & onion.

Roast Chicken or BBQ Pork

Beans & Rice

Kid's Menu
Side Orders

Kid's Burger with fries


French Fries


Kid's Fish & Chips


Tarter Sauce


Macaroni & Cheese


BBQ Sauce


Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Fries


Salad Dressing


Chicken Strips & Fries


Sour Cream


Kid's Quesadilla




PB & J Sandwich


Pico de Gallo



Coffee - bottomless cup for here $1.50 Milk small $1.50
to go $1.35 large $2.00
Hot Tea small pot $1.50 Soy milk small $1.50
large pot $2.25 plain or vanilla large $2.00
Loose Leaf: Juice small 1.50
chamomile, Earl Grey, six herb cranberry, apple, large $2.25
English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, grapefruit, orange,
Market Spice, herbal orange, hibiscus, or tomato juice
peppermint, green tea, black tea
Lemonade $1.50

By the bag:
Red Rose, orange pekoe & Tazo Soda $1.50
Check the display for new flavors! Hansens natural sodas:
cherry vanilla cream, ginger ale,
Oregon Chai with 2% or soy milk key lime, kiwi strawberry, grapefruit
served hot small $2.75 Mandarin lime, raspberry,
large $3.50 root beer, vanilla cola
Blue Sky sodas:
served cold small $1.75 cola, black cherry, ginger ale,
large $2.50 lemon lime, orange cream
Diet sodas:
Fresh brewed iced tea - free refills $1.75 Diet Coke, black cherry, ginger ale,tangerine lime, kiwi strawberry
ALLERGY WARNING: Our kitchen uses peanut and soy oil. Some food may contain nuts

Vashon Home Grown Café Breakfast Served 7 days a week 7am to 11am, Sat & Sun till 12pm

Food Available To Go. Call 463-6302

When Dining in: 18% gratuity added for tables of 6 or more.
There will be a $1.00 charge for extra plates on shared meals
Please let your server know before ordering if your party needs separate checks.