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Homegrown Brunch

Scrambled eggs & Homefries
Add a buttermilk biscuit
Add bacon, ham or sausage

Three eggs (or tofu) scrambled with fresh green and red bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and strips of corn tortilla. Topped with jack cheese and fresh salsa. Served with homefries.

Mushroom/Spinach Scramble
Three eggs scrambled with marinated portabella mushrooms and fresh spinach. Topped with with Monterey Jack cheese. Served with homefries and choice of toast, biscuit or English muffin.

Basic Cheese Omelet
With your choice of cheddar, swiss, provolone, havarti or jack cheese.

Fresh Fruit Plate
with vanilla yogurt add $1.00

Homegrown Burgers & sandwiches
All of our sandwiches come with a Green Salad, Potato Salad or Fries - also Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Mayo, if you want it - and a Pickle. We have Swiss, Danish Havarti, Cheddar & Provolone.

Deli Sandwich - with mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, sesame seeds & red onion.
Choice of Black Forest ham, roasted turkey breast or corned beef.  
Choice of cheddar, swiss, provolone or havarti.  
Choice of white, whole wheat, rye or sourdough.  
Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.  

Tuna Salad Sandwich


Chicken Salad Sandwich


Tuna Salad Salad


Chicken Salad Salad


The Mighty Homeburger - 1/3 pound of charbroiled Black Angus.

Boogle Burger - 100% homemade veggie burger, totally unique and totally vegan.

Buffalo Burger - 1/3 pound of organically-raised, free-range buffalo. Burgers are cooked medium unless otherwise specified.

Burger Extras
with Cheddar, Swiss, Havarti or Provolone add .50 with double-smoked bacon add .75 with grilled onions & Swiss add 1.00 with grilled mushrooms add .75

Soup of the Day: Cup $3.25 • Bowl $4.50 Check the blackboard for our fresh soup selections

ALLERGY WARNING: Our kitchen uses peanut and soy oil. Some food may contain nuts.

Kid's Menu
Side Orders

Kid's Burger with fries


French Fries


Kid's Fish & Chips


Tarter Sauce


Macaroni & Cheese


BBQ Sauce


Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Fries


Salad Dressing


Chicken Strips & Fries


Sour Cream


Kid's Quesadilla




PB & J Sandwich


Pico de Gallo



Coffee - bottomless cup for here $1.50 Milk small $1.50
to go $1.35 large $2.00
Hot Tea small pot $1.50 Soy milk small $1.50
large pot $2.25 plain or vanilla large $2.00
Loose Leaf: Juice small 1.50
chamomile, Earl Grey, six herb cranberry, apple, large $2.25
English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, grapefruit, orange,
Market Spice, herbal orange, hibiscus, or tomato juice
peppermint, green tea, black tea
Lemonade $1.50

By the bag:
Red Rose, orange pekoe & Tazo Soda $1.50
Check the display for new flavors! Hansens natural sodas:
cherry vanilla cream, ginger ale,
Oregon Chai with 2% or soy milk key lime, kiwi strawberry, grapefruit
served hot small $2.75 Mandarin lime, raspberry,
large $3.50 root beer, vanilla cola
Blue Sky sodas:
served cold small $1.75 cola, black cherry, ginger ale,
large $2.50 lemon lime, orange cream
Diet sodas:
Fresh brewed iced tea - free refills $1.75 Diet Coke, black cherry, ginger ale,tangerine lime, kiwi strawberry
ALLERGY WARNING: Our kitchen uses peanut and soy oil. Some food may contain nuts

Vashon Home Grown Café Breakfast Served 7 days a week 7am to 11am, Sat & Sun till 12pm

Food Available To Go. Call 463-6302

When Dining in: 18% gratuity added for tables of 6 or more.
There will be a $1.00 charge for extra plates on shared meals
Please let your server know before ordering if your party needs separate checks.